“3-day rise”-and-Shine

I recently saw a post about breakfast pizza that got me reminiscing about some of my favorite pizza creations. There are a few things that are quintessential for my breakfast pizza: potatoes, eggs, and garlic. The last two are obvious, but potatoes has always been a hard sell to others.

When it comes to potatoes, I don’t recommend the traditional russet potatoes because they tend to get too mushy in the oven. Rather I suggest red and purple potatoes which are more waxy than starchy. They have a nice bite to them even after cooking in the oven and add some nice color and contrast to the pizza.

For today’s creation, I also added in some cheddar cheese (in addition to mozzarella), shiitake mushrooms (which I still had leftover) and fresh thyme. Of course to top it all off, a heathy pinch of salt and black pepper. The result was damn fantastic. I mean just take a look for yourself.

Finally due to some changes in life, there’ll be fewer pizza creations for the next few months. I’ll be parted from my oven, but I’ll make up for the loss with more pizza reviews. There’s lot of pizza still to be eaten.

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