Restaurant Review: Doppio Zero

It’s not my first encounter with Doppio Zero, but it’s definitely been my favorite one.

Being back in the Bay Area was tough for some personal reasons, but I couldn’t let it keep me from pizza. So after work I hopped over to Castro St. in Mountain View with some family to check out if Doppio had gotten any better.

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Restaurant Review: Frēlard Pizza Company

While I’ve been mostly disappointed by the pizza in Seattle, I remain optimistic that I’ll find something I enjoy. And I’m glad I’ve kept trying. I recently trekked out to an area between Fremont and Ballard and found myself at Frēlard Pizza Company.

Owned by Ballard Pizza Company, the name comes from their spot being on the border between Fremont and Ballard. 

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Boot camp and Bake – the healthy way to eating pizza

Being back in front of a 800F oven has been great. Watching my creations come to life right before eyes just makes me smile.

But I’ve been plagued with a question recently. How do I get back into shape while still enjoying the pizza that I love. After minutes of painstaking research and reading online,

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Brussel Sprouts, Garlic, and a Sriracha-Maple Sauce

It has been 306 days since I made posted about a pizza. That’s just insane. Sure I can throw out reasons like life got busy and I just didn’t have the time, but a passion is a passion. So I’m happy to say that today I made a pizza at home. It’s a throwback to one of my favorite concoctions –

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