Pizza Tools


  • Digital Scale – essential to making dough. While some recipes may go by volume, you’ll be able to get more consistent results by going with a digital scale and going by weight.
  • Baking Steel – most home pizza makers will use their home ovens, so a baking steel will help you get a better spring on the dough and bottom on the pizza.
  • Pizza Peel – There are a lot of opinions here. Some people prefer wood because the porous nature will help prevent sticking. But a metal peel is easier to use when turning the pizza and removing it because its thin and easier to slide under the pizza. If you want to splurge, get the GI Metal peel.
  • Infrared Thermometer – most recipes will say to preheat the oven at the highest temperature for an hour. Having an infrared thermometer around will help you understand how hot your steel actually gets. And if you’re making more than one pizza, it’ll help you know when the steel is ready for the 2nd pizza.


  • High heat oven – When you need temperatures beyond what your home oven can achieve, you should pick up a high heat oven. I use the Blackstone Pizza Oven at home, but that’s no longer available. Your options range from small portable options (Uuni 3, Roccbox, etc.) to full fledged wood fired ovens similar to what you may find in pizzerias.
  • Standing mixer – Mixing by hand is a useful skill to learn, but when you need to scale out or save time you should pick up a standing mixer.
  • Turner – A pizza peel is typically used just to get your pizza into the oven. While starting out you can also use it to turn the pizza in the oven and get the pizza out. Adding a turner to your collection will allow you to keep your peel clean and cool during cooking


If you’re aiming for a certain style of pizza, you may need a few more tools.

  • Non-stick pan – this is the kind of pan I use when making Roman style pizza that is sold by the gram. (example)